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6-week Registration for both "Build It Up" & "Layer It On"

Image of 6-week Registration for both "Build It Up" & "Layer It On"

$120.00 - On Sale

2 New 6-Week Classes Beginning February 3rd, 2013

**The early bird pre-registration discount has ended; however you can still register for both classes here. You can also pay in person with cash or check on the first day of class.

*Please note, this listing is for registration for both "Build It Up" by Hannah Lily & "Layer It On" by Michaella Manning.

Class Details:

"Build It Up" with Hannah Lily - SUNDAYS 4:00-5:00PM starting Februray 3rd: This 6-week class will introduce fundamental bellydance isolations and movements with an emphasis in the Tribal Fusion style. We will build a strong bellydance foundation with a focus on posture and develop clean technique through drilling full, complete isolations and intentional movements. Level: This class is a great introduction for the beginning level dancer or review and drill practice for the more experienced dancer.

"LAYER IT ON" with Michaella Manning - SUNDAYS 5:00-6:00PM starting Februray 3rd: This 6-week series will focus on developing polished layers and incorporating them into dynamic combinations. Following a warm-up and conditioning drills, each class will systematically layer isolations, fluid arms, and traveling patterns. We will then finish each class with a short combination incorporating our new layered sequence. Level: Open to all levels, however an understanding of fundamental bellydance movements is recommended. This session is designed to be accessible and challenging for the experienced beginner to the advanced dancer.

Where: Hollywood Dance Center | 817 N Highland Ave, Hollywood CA 90038 (

*Non-refundable & only applies to the February 3rd, 2013 session of classes.